Friday, August 26, 2016

Open House Dangers

I was driving around today, listening to John Tesh on one of the 80's, 90's and Today stations and heard something that I honestly had never thought about before.
You have decided to sell your home and you have cleaned, de-personalized and staged until you are finally ready to show the world the beauty of your home and why they should buy it. I bet there is one thing you never, ever thought to do before your open house......


Drug users and thieves will look at the open houses scheduled in a city or area and come looking like a prospective buyer. They will walk around looking for medications, valuables and anything they can stuff into their pockets and walk out with. 
Please protect your home and keep a watchful eye on every person that enters it. If you have to, have a couple of friends or relatives in opposite locations to answer questions, guide them, etc. Please pass this along to friends and family to help them prepare for the unexpected.