Friday, March 25, 2016

A Higher Standard of Clean

You know, I was talking to a friend of mine and she asked me what it was that made us stand out above the rest and I thought to myself, she's right. Our slogan is "A Higher Standard of Clean" but what makes our service a higher standard. I thought I would break down the thought process behind that slogan and discuss some of the characteristics that make Pristine's standards higher.

First, we don't use this slogan to smear other services. We have met some of the owners of cleaning services in the area and have even worked with one to help improve certain trouble areas they were having. We use this slogan to let people know that we hold ourselves to a higher standard. We expect the best from ourselves and our professional cleaners. Our customers deserve the best and that is what we aim to give them. People work hard and when they give their hard-earned money to you and trust that you will take care of their needs, you have a responsibility to do just that.

One of the most important aspects of our business that makes us stand out above the rest is that we are the only company, that we are aware of, that works with your budget. If you say, "I can only afford $80 a week" we are going to make it work. Now, if you have a 2600 sq ft home and want it cleaned from top to bottom, then we may have to figure something out but we always work with realistic budget issues.

Our biggest goal in this industry is to make maid service affordable for all. I remember, back when I was younger, only the wealthy people had maids. I was always amazed by that and wondered what it was like to have someone come in and clean everything. Now, I can make that possible for most everyone I come into contact with. We all work hard and we all deserve to come home to a clean house after a long day at work. Whether your income is 4 figures or 7, we can find a solution for your cleaning needs.

Another thing that makes our standards higher, is our attention to detail. We go above and beyond what most people do. I have seen some maid services who will only do what is on their list and that is all or better yet, there are companies that clean half of your house this week and the other half next week. The latter always bothered me because at no time is your whole house ever clean. Only half is always clean. We do have a list that our cleaners follow for the package they are cleaning but if they see something that is not on the list but looks like it needs to be done, they do it. Example: there are some of our customers who pick a package that does not include making their beds. I don't know about you but when I clean a room then look back at it and the bed's not made, it makes the whole room look dirty. We make the bed. Two minutes worth of bed-making makes the whole room look clean. Again, some of our clients don't have a package that includes ceiling fans. If I look up and see dust worms on the blades of your ceiling fan, you can bet I will be cleaning that ceiling fan. Those are the little things that make us stand out.

Also, with our vacation rentals, the little things make big impressions. Each and every one of our cleaners know that they have to watch videos and learn how to make towel creations for our condo homeowners. Just that little touch adds so much to the clients perception of our company. For holidays, we will add little touches and gifts, at our own expense, to make the guests feel welcome when they are away from home during the holidays.

You can't just open a cleaning business, send someone to clean and bank the money. You have to care about your clients and cleaners alike. Your clients are hard-working people who deserve the best service you can offer and your cleaners are hard-working people who deserve to be treated well for their hard work. Without either of these two, you have no business.

These, as well as many other characteristics, are what makes Pristine Maid's standards higher and we will continue to offer the best service we can for the residents of Florida's Emerald Coast.